21/22/23 August 2020 | Jane Shaw

From birth mother to earth mother: recovering self through relationship

A post graduate craniosacral therapy workshop

Elmfield, Gilford, Co. Down

This 3-day post graduate workshop with Jane Shaw will explore relationship to self from the perspective of the mother archetype. Bringing Jungian concepts to a biodynamic craniosacral therapy landscape we will dive deep into the world of pre and peri-natal experience and attachment. How can broken relationships be repaired through a reimagined relationship to the Mother? Through gentle exploration of early imprints we will invite a return to wholeness.

Having been in lockdown for several months, the intention is to create a nourishing field to hold us in community once more. We will gently come back into relationship with ourselves, with each other and of course with the land and all her gifts. We will spend lots of time outside foraging, connecting, dreaming with the land. We will dive deeply to meet our early wounds, offering those places the balm of gentle awareness.  

There will be hands on craniosacral practice each day and we will pay particular attention to creating safety for each participant, understanding that everyone's needs may be different

This is an experientally led workshop, exploring personal process and clinical practice skills.

Open to all craniosacral therapists and cranial osteopaths

For more information please contact Jane Shaw at jane@janeshaw.co.uk or on +44 (0)7974 159460.

**Only 10 places available to allow depth of exploration**

£250 including lunch